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Marion Direct Primary Care provides Ocala with quality primary care that is affordable and available when you need it.


317 NE 36th Ave Suite 2 Ocala 34470

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Please call us at (352) 833-6372 or fill the form

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Please call us at (352) 833-6372 or fill the form


Primary care- a comprehensive physical exam with lab work, sick visits, and an annual exam with labs each year thereafter. Medications administered or dispensed to you during your visit are your responsibility, however, you will find the charge to be quite affordable.

 Absolutely, but Medicare does not cover care received at Marion DPC and you must agree to not use Medicare to pay for any care received under your membership. Medicare can be used to cover your prescriptions*, lab work*, and diagnostic imaging, if ordered. Members with Medicare must sign a one-time agreement indicating you will not submit claims to Medicare for any services received from Marion DPC.     *Medicare may only be billed for prescriptions & lab work received outside of Marion DPC.

Marion DPC uses a revolutionary, non-traditional approach to providing exceptional health care through the direct primary care model. This model of care places emphasis on restoring the relationship between patients and their medical providers by reducing barriers to receiving great health care that are often associated with the traditional health care model and use of health insurance for primary care services.

Marion DPC provides primary care for all ages for an affordable monthly membership and does not accept or bill any type of insurance plans.

In traditional insurance-based practices, most providers are rushed to care for a patient panel of 2000 or more. Susan has limited her patient panel to 600 members to give her time to communicate, educate, collaborate, and advocate for each member.

The short answer: no.

The “logic”: The IRS classifies Direct Primary Care as an insurance plan, despite Federal and State agencies’ opposition to this labeling. Current legislation is working to change this, but until then, your HSA funds should not be used for membership. FSA funds may be used for services outside of membership fees like labs and medications, but please check with your tax specialist for the most recent tax guidelines.

Marion DPC is not an urgent care clinic, but rather provides sick care urgently to enrolled members as needed. This benefit is provided at no extra charge to members to promote continuity of care during times of illness and minor injury. Unfortunately, one-time urgent care visits do not allow for a patient and their provider to develop a therapeutic relationship, one of the cornerstones in family medicine, and it is because of this, Susan has chosen to limit sick visits to members of Marion DPC.

No, however, Marion DPC offers a way for you to receive exceptional primary care at an affordable price. Susan strongly encourages her members to pair their membership with a High Deductible Health Plan or medical sharing ministry like MediShare, Liberty, or Sedera.

Marion DPC does not routinely prescribe opioids for chronic pain, benzodiazepines for chronic anxiety, or stimulants for the treatment of ADHD. Marion DPC will work to find a pain management specialist or mental health professional to assist you with this aspect of your care.

Whether your health insurance is non-existent, mediocre, or amazing, Marion DPC’s non-traditional membership model helps you achieve control over your health care. Around 85-90% of typical health care needs can be cared for by your primary care provider. At Marion DPC you receive care when both well and sick, when it makes sense for you. Same-day/next-day appointments are available, along with non-traditional clinic hours to accommodate most members’ schedules.

With a monthly membership, it’s like having your medical provider in your back pocket. Members have direct access to Susan and can email, text, or call her with medical questions that don’t require a visit. Members can also send pictures to help aid in diagnosis. Telemedicine is included with membership (no matter where you are), to save you a trip to the office when feasible.

One patient at a time scheduling means no overlapping appointments and no waiting at your appointment. Care personalized to your needs with visit lengths that range from basic and quick to more complex and lengthier. The recommended appointment duration is 30 minutes for routine needs or 45-60 minutes (or more, if needed) for complex health needs.

Members receive year-round care that begins with a comprehensive medical history and physical exam with a full panel of lab work, sick visits throughout the year, and annual wellness exams with labs. In-office procedures are performed complimentary, and members are responsible for the nominal fee for any medication administered.

Marion DPC provides in-office medication dispensing of a variety of generic medications prescribed for common conditions like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension (high blood pressure), high Cholesterol or Triglycerides, migraine, depression, and more along with over-the-counter medications Susan prescribes most. Even those with insurance are pleasantly surprised to learn how much they could save without using their insurance benefits. Susan will work diligently to reduce any financial barriers her members face in affording medications.

At Marion DPC, your membership includes e-consults through RubiconMD, where you could be evaluated within hours of sending our consultation versus waiting weeks for an in-person appointment. With specialty consults ranging from allergies to urologic concerns, RubiconMD is a great resource to connect with Board-Certified specialists to help build your plan of care. Should further evaluation be needed, some insurance companies will require you to see their “in-network” provider for a referral.